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The Importance of Sharing the Slave History from your Family Trees.

Originally posted on Genealogy With Valerie:
  About a month ago I joined a Black Ancestry Group on Facebook. You may think this is an odd thing to do considering I am not Black. I did it for a specific…

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Timid – Giving the Message

With all the turmoil going on it was good to hear a young man speak his opinion on the election. Timid from also put out a plea, “a public call to action for all politicians, elected officials, and community … Continue reading

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The Ancestry We’re Related APP

Originally posted on A Worthington Weblog:
Facebook is on fire about this new APP, We’re Related. Lots of Genealogist and Bloggers are “talking” about it on that social media platform. Since I have seen another website, with similar features,…

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Are you writing your Novel? It’s National Novel Write Month-2017

Oh yes, I am doing it and I have some tips to share to help you if you choose to join me. I finally settled it. I have blogged on Calvin Clark Davis (WW2 soldier) long enough and feel I … Continue reading

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