52 Ancestors 52 Weeks -#52Ancestors (AmyJohnsonCrow) One 2018 Goal!

Oh yes, I need to make one or two or several goals for 2018! We all need to consider the guidance of setting goals. There is alway a genealogy brick wall that needs to have some focus or taking a break from one ancestor to another so I joined the efforts of Amy Johnson Crow-http://www.amyjohnsoncrow.com and set at least one goal.

Amy has implemented another great program called “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks.” Now what this means is every week for the next 52 weeks, one of my ancestors will get attention. I will either conduct some research on them, maybe even post a tweet or write a blog. There will be something as in thought and action about one of my ancestors. It doesn’t matter if it is a photo or an interview or a written article. Something will be done and will carry the hashtag of #52Ancestors

I invite you to join the efforts. I believe this is a great idea. Thank you Amy Johnson Crow! (luv you for this) It’s free ! Here is my first posting on one of my ancestors.

Ahira Harvey Worden, you are my maternal great grandfather and on my mind. You were born in Eaton County, Michigan 20 March 1838 and died 12 Dec 1916 in Oceana County, Michigan. You are the son of Parley and Lydoriana (Boyer) Worden. You married Elizabeth “Betsy” Boyer.  I really don’t know much about you except that you whittle wood and was a farmer. Also, you served in the Civil War and joined the GAR. I have decided to share some photos that represent you. (You are wearing your GAR Metal)

Ahira_H._&_Elizabeth_Boyer_Worden Your Obituary! You do not have a headstone, but I will remedy that situation soon.

Ahira Worden Obit 12 Dec 1916

Photo of some Michigan GAR, you are in the photo. gar pic ahira worden

Besides having your actual GAR metal, here is a chair you whittled.

Ahira Chair


“Know your roots, they are long and strong”

One response to “52 Ancestors 52 Weeks -#52Ancestors (AmyJohnsonCrow) One 2018 Goal!”

  1. I was reading along and got to where he lived in Scottsville. We used to go through there so often when we lived in Lake county.

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