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The Bible comes back to the family!

As I shared on Facebook, I received and inbox message from a gentleman that says he is helping a friend. Okay and where is this going? I was not familiar with his name, he is not one of my students, etc. … Continue reading

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Information available to help in African American Genealogy Research prior to 1870.

I am in a “not so good mood” because of something I read today on another blog. So I will make this a short response. It is not a good to tell people that there are “no records” if you … Continue reading

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52Ancestors52Weeks Week #4, Invitation to Dinner. Gathering of the Greats!

Holy moly! Well it won’t be a barbeque dinner but it will be a fabulous dinner at the familytreegirl’s round table. So here’s the menu designed by this genealogy professional. Menu for familytreegirl’s Round Table Dinner for 8! The Gathering … Continue reading

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My Aunt Lillian Murphy 52Ancestors 52Weeks-Longevity

As genealogist/family historian we always think of our eldest relative and what questions do we want to ask them. Well my father’s sister is our eldest relative on the Murphy side of the family. Aunt Lillian was born 20 December … Continue reading

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Connections are everywhere!

I enjoy meeting people and attending fabulous events in a community, especially in the Charlottesville community. It is rich with history and it tells its own story everyday. Annually there is the Virginia Festival of the Book ( It is … Continue reading

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Horses have names!

My 3rd great grandfather is Lawson Goings/Goins/Goens. He was born in Loudoun County, Virginia in 1807 to Joseph and Nancy (Windsor) Goings. Lawson died 12 July 1874 in Clarke County, Virginia. He and his wife Sarah (Hart) lived and raised … Continue reading

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Combat the Common Genealogy Challenges in 2017!

Come on in 2017, we are ready for you! It does not matter who or where in the U. S. you are researching, you need to know the fundamentals about genealogy research, records & resources. Most importantly you need to be able to ask questions, … Continue reading

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People of Color Genealogy Research, can it be done at the DAR Library?

Who is DAR? It is the National Society of the Daughter’s of the American Revolution, known as DAR. It is a lineage society and membership is open to any female 18 years and older regardless of race, religion or ethic … Continue reading

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Boatmen-are you part of the escape plan?

Today is Saturday and I have attempted a little research, yeah right! I have a few call for papers to complete and design an “Understanding the Process for the DAR”. But as usual, something else pops in my mind and I … Continue reading

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A Genealogist’s Dream Haul

As genealogist we wait for the day that we hit the jackpot. Hitting the jackpot means we get a load of information and resources, like photos, obits, heirlooms, etc., on a family line. Well that day happen to me once. … Continue reading

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