DNA Detectives Volunteers Help Adoptees Find their Birth Parents

This is so important, thank you Dick Eastman for writing this. I have experienced this. I was contacted by an individual saying she was helping her adopted daughter find her biological parents and I was the daughter’s highest match. Wow! I have dabbled in the DNA realm, but I am not an expert. I have knowledge to a certain level, then I need help. I am calling one of my genie friends such as Bernice Bennett, Shannon Christmas or Shannon Combs Bennett, Angela Baggins Trammel and Judy G. Russell. Well as the story goes-my mother and I determined which side of the family this young lady was on based on the limited information from the adoption agency and where she was born, etc., -we pinpointed a couple of cousins that fit the MO of being her father. It is not totally solved yet, but we are on the right track. I contacted a 82 yr. old cousin and the adopted daughter was her highest match. Woohoo!

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

DNA Detectives is a Facebook group run by volunteers who call themselves “search angels” and who help adoptees, sperm donor kids, and others who are hunting for their biological relatives. With more than 24,000 members, DNA Detectives began in February 2015, said CeCe Moore, its founder, which she helps run from San Clemente, Calif. Moore calls herself a genetic genealogist. She consults on the PBS show “Finding Your Roots,” and her company The DNA Detectives works with with the media on stories related to DNA, promoting genetic genealogy education through conferences and seminars.


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Message to Melania Trump and Women in General

Thinking about family legacies. My goodness, what will Baron will say? We conduct research to help tell family stories. There are some we will include and some we won’t. I went through the situation where my children’s father was abusive and cheated on me. I could of loss my life and/or took his and my children would of grown up without their mother. All the folks around me, as in his family knew about it. I looked and felt like a fool.  I made it 7 years and just had to go deep within and make the run. You have to know when to pack a bag and go. Save yourself and your son. You do not have stay with him.

You do not have to stay with him. You are not cut out for the White House and you know it.  You do not have the qualities of a First Lady. I am sure you have other very good qualities but the White House First Lady is not one of them. From what I see, rather in my opinion, you don’t compare on any level to any of the former First Ladies. That’s okay, you are still professional, a kind person, loving mother and so hoping you will be happy. I am sure there are other things to keep you busy.

Did you realize that he admitted he was going to cheat on you, right after you got married? No words -I can’t and won’t comment.

I am still angry at Hillary for standing by her man. But she knew what she married and what she married and she opted to stay with him. That was her decision. Please do not make excuses for your husband. He is a grown man. You and I know what and who you married. That is your husband and you know it. Protect your son from the mess! I hope he does not grow up with the same outlook as his father has about women. He is who he is, a mean spirited, greedy bully that you love. It is best to just be quiet. I do not want him as the President of the United States and I do not want you as the First lady. Please find another job or something to focus on that makes you happy.

I am trying to unplug from all this mess. It keeps my blood pressure up and that is not a good thing. I just want to scream and slap people on the head when your husband and others  blurt things out. I am out of control on the political stuff and need to save myself. I pray for your well being and the well being of the United States. Will your husband consider bowing out? Sometimes I believe he is doing all of this for Hillary and it is all a scam. At one time he was such a committed follower. It’s an act, right? We all are dreaming? right?


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An Open Letter To Donald Trump From Some Angry Women.

I just had to share this beautiful letter to Mr. Donald Trump by Gretchen Kelly. Enjoy, it is also how I feel today. Trump has worked the last nerve in my body. He loves all the attention and really does not have a clue. He is a nasty little boy and a bully. I hope women and men across America will stop drinking the Kool-aide he is serving up. Stop making excuses for his behavior. He is not right nor fit to be in the office of the President of the United States. If Trump was referring to your sister, mother or daughter would you still feel the same way? This morning I read a post on Facebook, I asked a question, and I now do not follow this guy! Everyone has their opinion, I have no problem with that, but somethings are just getting ridiculous and people need to stop showing themselves. I pray for peace and happiness for all. Remember our children, our legacies and future are watching all of this. Check this out posting on Facebook and yes I see that 72 of my friends/family also follow this guy. If they believe the same way he and the other person in the conversation does, it is time to unfriend more people totally:
“Karl-Michael Sala shared KIRO 7 News’s video.
10 hrs · Chandler, AZ ·
EXACTLY what I expected. You cannot ask for more. I am proud to accept his apology & explanation. I endorse Trump & would ask my acquaintances, friends & colleagues to likewise forgive the man. The Lord will forgive whom He will forgive, but of us it is required to forgive all. America cannot & will not change under a DemLibProg stance. It is they who have not asked for forgiveness. Remember that on election day. And the I posted:
Shelley Murphy Are you serious? you really believe that? I wonder if you it was your daughter or wife he was talking about, if you would still feel this way.

He rely’s:
Karl-Michael Sala I’ve taught my daughters & sons about empathy, forgiveness, etc. while not condoning error & sin.

Now here comes a lady, responding to my response to Karl and she says:
Janet Phillips Rake You’re responding like a self-righteous gas bag. You may not have said exactly what he said but you’ve said and thought very ugly things, probably worse. Ever gossiped? God calls that an abomination. The fact is, humans, even the best of them, say and do very faulting things at times. Get over yourself. T

Karl comes back and says:
Karl-Michael Sala To whom do you refer, T?
She rely’s:
Janet Phillips Rake The person above who asked “are you serious”

Karl tells her:
Karl-Michael Sala Ah, then you, if possible, should click on Reply to their specific comment. It will then either go right under their post, or hyperlink their name. If that is not possible, please put in the name of the person to whom you refer. Thank you for clarification. He said even uglier things that he later deleted in this post. Oh, you meant Shelley Murphy.

Janet Phillips Rake Thought I did that. Ooos.

I didn’t even respond to either remark. I could of and did seriously think of pulling the “old” Shelley out and laying it on both of them. But there is no use, they have drank the Kool-aide and it was going to be a waste of my energy. Trump has a MO and it has not changed over the years. I was gathering my materials to teach a group of folks how to do a research plan and just simply let it go. You can’t get a decent view in a conversation when folks pull out the good Lord and all the other stuff they use as a “high righteous barrier to deal with reality”. I am not angry or mad anymore, a little frustrated and will let it go from there. I just hope the best for them and their families. I have taught my son and daughter to be fair, keep their eyes open, be thankful and help others when they can. Happy researching to all.

Drifting Through My Open Mind


Dear Mr. Trump… can I call you Mr. Trump? Is that ok? I want you to be happy, that’s very important to me.

Before I get started, let me say this letter isn’t from all women. The Trumpettes surely won’t approve of this message. But this is from most women.

We see right through you. We have all known you at some point. Your ways are not unfamiliar to us. We see through you because we’ve been dealing with you our whole lives.

We heard you call women pigs. And disgusting. And stupid. And bimbos.

We watched as you called a former Ms. Universe “Ms. Piggy” and then spent four days continuing to insult her.

We see your weakness. Your lust for attention at any cost, your need to denigrate women. We see all of it. And we’re mad.

Yes. We’re mad. And fired up. And here’s the thing about us……

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So, Which Is It?

Good read-I hope folks hear her and what she is saying. It is right on point and well written. Kudos to her…

It's Fine.

I’m scared to post this. I’m afraid of alienating people I love, people I interact with on a daily basis, people whose friendships I value. I wouldn’t say this if it hadn’t been weighing heavy, like a 50 pound weight on my tongue every time I open my mouth to say something and stop before it comes out because I don’t want to stir the pot. I don’t want anyone to be mad at me. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. But I can’t, in good conscience, do that anymore.

I live with a certain degree of privilege. Monetary privilege? Not so much. But social privilege? Absolutely. I am part of a demographic that is perceived as the LEAST THREATENING to society. I’m a White Lady. Further, I’m a Southern White Lady. Still further, I’m a Heterosexual, Cis-Gender, Southern White Lady who Happens to be the Married Mother of Two…

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Finding Reuben Byrd: free person of color & an American Revolutionary War veteran

Well done and show the commitment to telling the story of a free person of color service during the Revolutionary War. kudos to you. I am a member of DAR and will share the information. Thank you!

Genealogy Adventures

Reuben Byrd of Petersburg, Virginia and Orange County, North Carolina isn’t the first Colonial-era black ancestral family member I’ve found who served in the American Revolutionary War. However, he is the first black kinsman whose war records I’ve been able to access.

Finding those records was exhilarating, empowering, and bittersweet.

I’ve been researching four different Colonial-era Virginia Byrd families for quite a while in an effort to see if they were different branches of the same family, or unrelated families who shared the same surname. Just a note that this surname is also spelt Bird. However, I’m using Byrd, the variant most seem to have adopted. Each of these groups are my kinsmen and women via both of my parents’ ancestral lines in Virginia and the Carolinas.

  1. The first group of Byrds are the descendants of Col William Evelyn “The Immigrant” Byrd I and Maria Horsmanden. This family group (relations…

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MAAGI 2017, Ft. Wayne, In.

The Midwest African American Genealogy Institute (MAAGI)  2017 planning is underway. We will be at the Allen County Public Library in Ft. Wayne Indiana. You have an opportunity to pre-register. You can visit the MAAGI Facebook page and obtain the pre-registration form. This is a great opportunity to reserve your spot. You know the drill, three days, 12 classes! This is not a genealogy conference, we are a teaching institute, you will have to do some work and homework. (LOL) If you want to keep up with MAAGI, follow us on Twitter @MAAGIInstitute and Facebook. Here is the link to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/643868735641328/

Highlights from 2016 are seen below. We held a DNA track for the first time with instructors Bernice Bennett, Shannon Christmas, Judy Russell, and Nicka Smith. Oh my goodness they  had to close registration, that class kept filling up. A few folks were not happy because we capped it. So if you are considering attending the DNA Track,  I would suggest that you pre-register, the size of the class is limited. We like the smaller classroom sizes because it creates a better learning environment and interaction. Track 1 was very active and had lots of energy, same as the Writing Track and Pre and Post Slavery. Hey a highlight for 2017, if you are considering the Writing Track, Ms. Beverly Jenkins will be aboard teaching a couple sessions. To learn more about Beverly Jenkins visit her webpage at: http://www.beverlyjenkins.net/web/

Here are some highlights from 2016. The bottom photo with the Coordinators was at 2016 Rootstech, we are talking about MAAGI 2016. By the way all of the MAAGI Coordinator will be speaking at 2017 Rootstech, and Ms. Nicka Smith as well. She is one of our instructors for MAAGI 2016. Visit our website as well:  (www.maagiinstitute.org)

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Surnames, Surnames, Surnames!

As the family historian or genealogist you have surnames. We all do. Where are they? Who are they and what can I do if I have a surname. Well, I can dig a little deeper! I am sure there are more records and resources that I have not tapped into. I am posting some of my surnames. Not all of them but some. Take the time to glance through them.  My research focus is primarily at this time in Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan. Some of the surnames are from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and New York. One is a link to a Jamestown resident, Mayflower and Revolutionary War Patriots.

Adle, Albright, Alden, Allen, Alsdorf, Anderson, Armour, Ashton, Atwood, Austin, Bader, Bauder, Bayley, Beal, Beale, Beech, Belknap, Bennett, Beyer, Bier, Bigelow, Bissell, Blatchely, Bonds, BoyerBoysie, Braggs, Brand, Brant, Brave Bull, Brown, Burden, Burdick, Burgess, Burke, Burne, Burns, Carter, Carew, Chafee, Carlise, Castlemen, Church, Churchill, Clayton, Cleverdon, Cook, Cornelius, Cornish, Cowden, Cramer, Crim, Cromwell, Cross, Crowell, Cummings, Cureton, Dague, Dains, Daniels, Dakota, Davis, Daynes, Dennis, DeMoer, DeWandelaer, Dias, Dock, Dunham, Drake, Edwards, Eliakim, Ellis, Emmanuel, Etel, Eton, Eversole, Farington, Ferris, Fidler, FitzRandolph, Fitzwilliam, Fowler, Fox, Frank, Friend, Gansevoort, Geaween, Gater, Gartner, Gartrant, Gass, Gates, Gerter, Gilbert, Giles, Goddard, Godette, Goens, Goins, Goings, Gonzalez, Gordon, Gowen, Gowins, Goodnight, Green, Greene, Grice, Griner, Grinway, Griswold, Hall, Hart, Hardenbroeck, Hatter, Hamerton, Haywood, Helman, Hemstreet, Hennington, Henry, Hicks, Holbrook, Holley, Hollaway, Hosford, Houchin, Imes, Johnson, Jost, Kalsman, Kearney, Kessler, Kilgore, Klyce, Koerner, LackeyLanphere/LamphierLeechLepper, Lett, Lewish, Loop, Lozada, Lucas, Marsh, Manitou/Maniteau, Marshall, Martinez, McBride, McCard, McCurry, McDaniel, McCorkle, McIntosh, McVeigh, Mead, Misseles, Moore, Mowbray, Mullins, Murphy, Newman, Pabodie (Peabody)Palmer, Palmeter, Payne, Petrie, Phelps, Phillips, Phillipse, Ponder, Plumpton, Prentice, Radcliffe, Reece, Reilly, Reynolds, Rice, Richmond, Riemenseider, Ritter, Robinson, Rogers, Rolfe, Roper, Ross, Ruble, Russell, Ruston, Savage, Sewell, Shelley, Sherburne, Shoemaker, Sims, Simmons, Smith, SmytheStanley, Stewart, Strobe, Stroup, Thrall, Throckmorton, Valee, Quackenbush, Waltersdorf, Wall, Warren, Wheelwright, Wilcox, Wilton, Windsor, Winu, Worden, Worthington, Wyant, Zerbe.

So did you see one or more that we might share? If so, post a comment. You never know, we might be related.

Thank you!

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