Remembering D Day 70 Years On

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Today – the 6th June 2014, is a special date. It is 70 years since the D Day Landings on the beaches of Normandy. Today people around the world will be thinking of the great bravery and sacrifice those men and women gave which helped massively to turn the tide of the war and helped the allied forces to make great advances into Western Europe.

Although both my grandfather’s served in the Army during World War II, neither of them were present at Dunkirk. My father’s father Clifford was in the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers (or R.E.M.E for short) and was receiving his training when this great event took place. He didn’t go into North West Europe until October 1944. What his experiences were there, I may never really know. His army record was very sparse, parts of it had gone missing between it having been sent around back and…

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