Find A Grave is a great tool!

Love findagrave! Okay follow me on this: my great grandmother (on my father’s side) who is Nellie, was married twice. Nellie’s first husband is William M. Murphy and they had William Murphy (my grandfather). Now Nellie marries Henry Giles, 2nd husband. Nellie and Henry Giles has two children; Johnny and Ethel “Irene” Giles. Irene marries John Albert Sewell and they have two children; Milton and Anna Sewell. Irene marries a 2nd time, to Clive Doty, they don’t have any children, Irene marries a 3rd time and has more children. I just got off the phone with Irene’s grandchildren from the 3rd marriage! Now, why do I love findagrave? Because one of the grandchildren, the youngest posted a note in 2008, on findagrave saying “RIP Uncle Milton, we miss you”. It was located way at the bottom!

The cousins didn’t know about the other marriages of their grandmother. I will be packing up my information to share with the family. One had memories of hearing about their grandmother’s brother was a minister, which my grandfather was in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. We will be sharing lots of information.

Bingo, my first lead on this side. Yes, genealogists, we find the living- not only the dead! We all share the same great grandmother, Nellie! I am happy.

Have you had a good experience with FindAGrave?

One response to “Find A Grave is a great tool!”

  1. That was such a fun learning, the way you take us with you as you write is both exciting and informative. You inspire us to run to our computers! I too have found numerous family members through find a Excellent site! Thanks Shelley!

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