What A Moving And Encouraging Afternoon!

My distance family (Joyceann) visits Harewood and shares her point of view being in the home of where her ancestors where slaves. More to come.

J. Gray Researching

We met, offered our stories and shared a meal. We hugged and laughed and continued to fellowship until late in the afternoon.  All under the gaze of the Washington’s in portraits around the  hallways and rooms. Oh yes time has surely changed!

Finally We meet! Sarah & Joyceann At Harewood, WV Finally We meet!
Sarah & Joyceann
At Harewood, WV

How do I explain the emotions as I sat at the  very dining room table my ancestors  served under the gaze of Samuel W. Washington in the painting hanging high on the wall? I wonder what he was thinking…..How do I begin to explain how I feel eating a  meal  prepared by his descendant and Bushrod Washington’s descendant too?

To explain how it was to walk up the steps and be welcomed in through the front doors of the very home that my ancestors helped to build,  Front Steps of HarewoodThe same home that George Washington visited and to stand in front of the fireplace where…

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