Casting Call: PBS’s ‘Genealogy Roadshow’ Wants Your Family Story

Whoa! They are still looking for participants for the Genealogy Roadshow. Dick Eastman’s shares some information. I applied last year, got called, the interview was set and on the day of the interview, I received an email, and the interview was canceled. Not sure why and never heard a peep since. So good luck to those that do make it. I will tune in to every show. Enjoy Dick Eastman’s blog.

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

genealogy_roadshow_logoHere is your chance to be a television star  and also to have a genealogy mystery solved for you. The producers from the PBS’ series “Genealogy Roadshow” are collecting family stories from viewers in the southwestern United States.

If you live in Northern or Central New Mexico and have a burning question about your family’s history, or if you have a family mystery that has gone unsolved, the television program’s producers want to hear from you.

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