Hear the whispers…

Mom is reading a book I picked up last Saturday in Shippensburg, PA and on her way to her bedroom she said I have some some things for you to look up, I said okay. She will put stickies on the spots. Then she says “my grandma (Clara Marsh Davis) always talked about the past, never about the future. She always told us her dad (George Marsh) was a slave, he married Mary Catherine Goins, she was free, the white man killed George’s father, he was only 4 yrs old (1838). Grandma always told of the Davis family story too, William was one of three kids of the slave women and the Davis plantation owner” …the door closes.

I wonder what she read or heard on tv that sparked that to come out. She must of heard some whispering going on…I love these moments and can’t wait for the next one to come. Mom is a healthy 85 year old. We have to be in tuned with the whispers, you never know when they will come. Be ready to hear them. I believe our ancestors are guiding us to tell the stories, I feel very much chosen to do the family research. Hear your whispers! #blessed

About familytreegirl

Shelley Murphy, aka “familytreegirl”, a native of Michigan residing in Central Virginia, Shelley has been an avid genealogist for over 25+ years researching the Davis, Marsh, Goens/Goins/Goings, Roper, Boyer, Worden, Cureton, and Murphy family lines. She is a Coordinator and faculty for the Midwest African American Genealogy Institute (MAAGI), presents Genealogy 101 workshops at the local community college, state and national genealogy conferences. She holds a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership and works as an adjunct professor for Averett University. Murphy is known for her inspiring and interactive “Getting Started” Methods and Strategies for genealogy research, “Time and File management” along with interesting problem-solving methodology lectures. Shelley currently has 20+ publications with Charlottesville Genealogy Examiner and the Central Virginia Heritage, a publication of the Central Virginia Genealogical Association. She is an instructor for the Midwest African American Genealogy Institute (MAAGI). Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, Adjunct Professor, Professional Genealogist. Volunteers for American Red Cross as a Disaster Services Instructor, facilitates financial education workshops for the last 8 years, and former licensed Real Estate Broker
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