Getting Started with Autosomal DNA Part I

Now I understand this blog and the topic of DNA. Thank you Shannon Christmas for postings this blog by Jim Bartlett.


So you are thinking about getting an autosomal (atDNA) test, but are not sure where to start. This blog post will walk you through several steps to help get you started.

An atDNA test will result in a list of Matches based on shared DNA. Almost all of these Matches are your cousins – most will be about 5th to 8th cousins, with some who are closer and some who are more distant. The DNA test will give you this list, and a way to contact your Matches; it’s up to you to share information with your Matches and determine your Common Ancestor(s).


  1. Determine your objectives. Write your own or choose from these:

A. ___Find new cousins
B. ___Prove your ancestral lines
C. ___Break down brick walls
D. ___Find biological parent(s) of yourself or some ancestor [see also DNAAdoption*]
E. ___Find out your deep…

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