Get Organized! 2016


Join me! Dear Myrtle has a challenge out there to help us get organized. We all need it. I am ready and committed. I want to seek out better ways of storing and organizing my files. I set folders up by surnames, Whew! That is done. Check out Myrtle’s blog: Next I have switched to RootsMagic, dumped FTM and ready to rock. I am not uploading anything, I am inputting line by line and will schedule some scanning to cover the paper files. This will also give me time to view each line and catch errors and conflicts. I already  found one with my Goens line. Joseph Goings father is not Elihu Goings in Loudoun, what I saw was there are basically the same age, both born about 1788 so we know that is not good and I have to resolve that conflict. LOL.

Come on…you can do it. Meet us every Monday at 12noon EST there is something for everyone!!!


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