The ladies of “The Real” DNA test results

Now this is hilarious but very serious, I enjoyed it. DNA is a hot topic for most genealogists. It’s a tool for us to use in specific situation, such as connecting to the right ancestry line, helping to point out a relative who was adopted, etc. I am working with a DNA match who was adopted and don’t know who her biological parents are. I am a 94% 4th cousin match and my mother is a 97% 3rd cousin match. It has been interesting and challenging. The Genealogy Adventure Blog shows Ms. Kenyatta Berry is sharing DNA details on the ladies of the REAL show. So thank you Genealogy Adventures, I had not seen this show and have enjoyed the reveals. I love your blog and the topics you chose to highlight. I would recommend that others follow you as well. Nicka Smith’s BlackProGen Hangout the other night discussed Finding Your Roots show and the emotional side of DNA reveals ( Bernice Bennett, Research at the National Archives also had a recent show on Thursday’s with Dr. Alondra Nelson on the Social Aspects of DNA (

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The ladies of “The Real” took DNA tests to find out their ethnic identities, and the results are in. Take this journey with them on their road to discovery.

My voyage of discovery has certainly been an adventure. Check out their adventures below:

DNA reveal Part 1

DNA reveal Part 2

DNA reveal Part 3

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Shelley Murphy, aka “familytreegirl”, a native of Michigan residing in Central Virginia, Shelley has been an avid genealogist for over 25+ years researching the Davis, Marsh, Goens/Goins/Goings, Roper, Boyer, Worden, Cureton, and Murphy family lines. She is a Coordinator and faculty for the Midwest African American Genealogy Institute (MAAGI), presents Genealogy 101 workshops at the local community college, state and national genealogy conferences. She holds a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership and works as an adjunct professor for Averett University. Murphy is known for her inspiring and interactive “Getting Started” Methods and Strategies for genealogy research, “Time and File management” along with interesting problem-solving methodology lectures. Shelley currently has 20+ publications with Charlottesville Genealogy Examiner and the Central Virginia Heritage, a publication of the Central Virginia Genealogical Association. She is an instructor for the Midwest African American Genealogy Institute (MAAGI). Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, Adjunct Professor, Professional Genealogist. Volunteers for American Red Cross as a Disaster Services Instructor, facilitates financial education workshops for the last 8 years, and former licensed Real Estate Broker
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