Research ladies of Jefferson Co

This was a fabulous gathering in Charles Town, Jefferson County, WV, home of my great great grandmother Mary Catherine (Goens) Marsh and family. I met some extraordinary individuals. As you know good food, kitchen table and a porch will bring a lot of people together. We all link to Jefferson County via our enslaved and/or free ancestors. I finally met a “white” Washington. Yes, I am serious, Walter and his cousin Sarah Brown opened his home for our gathering. I had never met a white Washington, Walter is a Washington. I only know of African American with the surname Washington’s, well besides President George Washington. Walter and Sarah were gracious and we all love them dearly. We are bonded by our research and our family ties. This will not be the last time we gather. We hope we can locate other descendants of the slaves who were owned by the Washington family in Jefferson County, Virginia/WV. The work will continue. Thank you Joyceann for writing the article. Yes, there is more to come.

J. Gray Researching

Special thanks to Walter and Sarah!cropped-harewood-gathering-1-version-2.jpg

   The first Gathering at Harewood Plantation just outside of Charles Town!

Hosted by S.Walter Washington and Sarah Brown, both direct descendants of the Washington families.Our first Harewood gathering brought together  the Jefferson County Black History Preservation Society (JCBHP), the descendants of those who built and serviced Harewood, and  Washington Descendants together with other interested Charles Town residents. We shared an insightful, soul soothing afternoon, and promised to return to further our research and connections. 


Research Ladies of Charles Town


Our great gathering of new family – it’s a long story, but a great one!
L to R – Back row; Matt Landerkin; Kelly Ferrell (Joyceann’s daughter), Walter Washington, Sarah Brown.
Middle row; Leah Ferrell (Kelley’s daughter, Joyceann’s granddaughter), Monique Crippen-Hopkins,Marilyn M Morton (Joyceann’s sister).
Front row: Bunny Shaw (Nikki’s mom), Shelley Murphy, Nikki Matt Landerkin, Brennan Landerkin (Nikki and…

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