Surnames, Surnames, Surnames!

As the family historian or genealogist you have surnames. We all do. Where are they? Who are they and what can I do if I have a surname. Well, I can dig a little deeper! I am sure there are more records and resources that I have not tapped into. I am posting some of my surnames. Not all of them but some. Take the time to glance through them.  My research focus is primarily at this time in Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan. Some of the surnames are from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and New York. One is a link to a Jamestown resident, Mayflower and Revolutionary War Patriots.

Adle, Albright, Alden, Allen, Alsdorf, Anderson, Armour, Ashton, Atwood, Austin, Bader, Bauder, Bayley, Beal, Beale, Beech, Belknap, Bennett, Beyer, Bier, Bigelow, Bissell, Blatchely, Bonds, BoyerBoysie, Braggs, Brand, Brant, Brave Bull, Brown, Burden, Burdick, Burgess, Burke, Burne, Burns, Carter, Carew, Chafee, Carlise, Castlemen, Church, Churchill, Clayton, Cleverdon, Cook, Cornelius, Cornish, Cowden, Cramer, Crim, Cromwell, Cross, Crowell, Cummings, Cureton, Dague, Dains, Daniels, Dakota, Davis, Daynes, Dennis, DeMoer, DeWandelaer, Dias, Dock, Dunham, Drake, Edwards, Eliakim, Ellis, Emmanuel, Etel, Eton, Eversole, Farington, Ferris, Fidler, FitzRandolph, Fitzwilliam, Fowler, Fox, Frank, Friend, Gansevoort, Geaween, Gater, Gartner, Gartrant, Gass, Gates, Gerter, Gilbert, Giles, Goddard, Godette, Goens, Goins, Goings, Gonzalez, Gordon, Gowen, Gowins, Goodnight, Green, Greene, Grice, Griner, Grinway, Griswold, Hall, Hart, Hardenbroeck, Hatter, Hamerton, Haywood, Helman, Hemstreet, Hennington, Henry, Hicks, Holbrook, Holley, Hollaway, Hosford, Houchin, Imes, Johnson, Jost, Kalsman, Kearney, Kessler, Kilgore, Klyce, Koerner, LackeyLanphere/LamphierLeechLepper, Lett, Lewish, Loop, Lozada, Lucas, Marsh, Manitou/Maniteau, Marshall, Martinez, McBride, McCard, McCurry, McDaniel, McCorkle, McIntosh, McVeigh, Mead, Misseles, Moore, Mowbray, Mullins, Murphy, Newman, Pabodie (Peabody)Palmer, Palmeter, Payne, Petrie, Phelps, Phillips, Phillipse, Ponder, Plumpton, Prentice, Radcliffe, Reece, Reilly, Reynolds, Rice, Richmond, Riemenseider, Ritter, Robinson, Rogers, Rolfe, Roper, Ross, Ruble, Russell, Ruston, Savage, Sewell, Shelley, Sherburne, Shoemaker, Sims, Simmons, Smith, SmytheStanley, Stewart, Strobe, Stroup, Thrall, Throckmorton, Valee, Quackenbush, Waltersdorf, Wall, Warren, Wheelwright, Wilcox, Wilton, Windsor, Winu, Worden, Worthington, Wyant, Zerbe.

So did you see one or more that we might share? If so, post a comment. You never know, we might be related.

Thank you!

11 responses to “Surnames, Surnames, Surnames!”

  1. Love this post… great way to find possible connections. Here are the surnames we share:

    Alden, Allen, Anderson, Atwood
    Bayley, Beal, Beale, Belknap, Bennett, Boyer
    Fitzrandolph, Fitzwilliam, Fowler, Friend
    Goddard, Gordon, Green
    Hall, Hart, Haywood, Henry, Hicks, Holloway
    Kearney, Kessler
    Marshall, McDaniel, Moore, Mowbray, Mullins, Murphy
    Pabodie, Palmer, Payne, Petry, Phillips, Plumpton
    Reese, Reilly, Reynolds, Rice, Ritter, Robinson, Rogers, Ross, Ruble, Russell
    Savage, Sewell, Sherburne, Simmons, Smith, Smythe, Stanley, Stewart
    Wall, Warren, Worden, Worthington

    1. Thank you, please share and hope folks make a connection!

      1. Please let me know if there is anything you’d like to know about the BRAGG/BRAGGS line. Good luck!

      2. Sorry off the top of my head I do not know about the Bragg line. But please share more, where are yours from?

      3. My BRAGGs are African American and originally from Greensboro, NC and Newberry, SC.

        There are other African American BRAGG/BRAGGS in Alabama and Arkansas. They may or may not be related by blood to my family.

    2. We need to connect if we share that many surnames. contact me via email

  2. I see only 3 – Allen, Mullins, Rice. I also noticed you are an adjunct at Averett University and wonder if the Averit/Averett line I am connected to has anything to do with that.

    1. Hi, are they from Danville, Virginia?

      1. No, Lebanon, Marion Kentucky for the Allens and Athens TN for the Rice. Ga for the Mullins. All ended up in Indianapolis IN and some in Michigan.

  3. Are your Robinsons Black and/or mixed? Do your Robinsons happen to have connections to the Hewick plantation (Virginia) Robinsons? I have a dead end ancestor born anywhere between 1760-1780 and I’m trying to either rule out or confirm a connection.. any help at all, or any books you could point me to would be so helpful.

    1. They were listed as mulatto!

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