Message to Melania Trump and Women in General

Thinking about family legacies. My goodness, what will Baron will say? We conduct research to help tell family stories. There are some we will include and some we won’t. I went through the situation where my children’s father was abusive and cheated on me. I could of loss my life and/or took his and my children would of grown up without their mother. All the folks around me, as in his family knew about it. I looked and felt like a fool.  I made it 7 years and just had to go deep within and make the run. You have to know when to pack a bag and go. Save yourself and your son. You do not have stay with him.

You do not have to stay with him. You are not cut out for the White House and you know it.  You do not have the qualities of a First Lady. I am sure you have other very good qualities but the White House First Lady is not one of them. From what I see, rather in my opinion, you don’t compare on any level to any of the former First Ladies. That’s okay, you are still professional, a kind person, loving mother and so hoping you will be happy. I am sure there are other things to keep you busy.

Did you realize that he admitted he was going to cheat on you, right after you got married? No words -I can’t and won’t comment.

I am still angry at Hillary for standing by her man. But she knew what she married and what she married and she opted to stay with him. That was her decision. Please do not make excuses for your husband. He is a grown man. You and I know what and who you married. That is your husband and you know it. Protect your son from the mess! I hope he does not grow up with the same outlook as his father has about women. He is who he is, a mean spirited, greedy bully that you love. It is best to just be quiet. I do not want him as the President of the United States and I do not want you as the First lady. Please find another job or something to focus on that makes you happy.

I am trying to unplug from all this mess. It keeps my blood pressure up and that is not a good thing. I just want to scream and slap people on the head when your husband and others  blurt things out. I am out of control on the political stuff and need to save myself. I pray for your well being and the well being of the United States. Will your husband consider bowing out? Sometimes I believe he is doing all of this for Hillary and it is all a scam. At one time he was such a committed follower. It’s an act, right? We all are dreaming? right?

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