Seeking Descendants of Nathanial Worden b. 1728

Genealogy friends connected to Worden’s. I am looking for any “male descendants” of any of the Worden males on this line. If you are or know who is please have them contact me at I have an AncestryDNA kit for them. Thanks

Parents: Nathaniel Worden 1728–1813 and Anna Palmeter 1726–1788.

Possible Children: 
Waite Worden 1746–
Wealthy Worden or Werden 1747–1800
Silas Worden or Werden 1749–1750
Sarah Worden or Werden 1749–1750
Eunice Worden 1749–1800
Nathaniel Worden, II 1752–1840
Lois (Lots) Worden 1753–1800
Moses Worden 1755–1813
Walter Worden Capt 1757–1814
Anne Worden 1758–1800
Silas Worden 1759–1760
Jesse Worden 1761–1843
Sarah Worden 1762–1800
Arnold Worden 1765–1840
Dudley Worden 1767–
Lucretia Worden 1769–1838
Warren Worden 1770–1848

18 responses to “Seeking Descendants of Nathanial Worden b. 1728”

  1. Although I am not of the male persuasion, the name Worden captured my attention. I am related to the Wordens, although it might be a different line. Here is my connection to the surname:

    Robert Worden (1534 – 1580), 13th great-grandfather, England
    Peter Worden (1569 – 1639), son of Robert Worden, England/Massachusetts
    Peter Worden (1609 – 1679), son of Peter Worden, England/Massachusetts
    Samuel Worden (1646 – 1716), son of Peter Worden, Massachusetts/Connecticut
    Samuel Worden (1670 – 1727), son of Samuel Worden, Massachusetts/Rhode Island
    Samuel Worden (1698 – ), son of Samuel Worden, Massachusetts/New Jersey
    Penelope Worden (1728 – 1805), daughter of Samuel Worden, Rhode Island/New Jersey

    I wish you much luck in finding a Worden male relative. Best wishes, and may you have a happy and healthy holiday season!

    1. Hello Cuz! We just some down different lines, siblings it looks like, but the same family.

    2. I see this thread is a little bit old, but I am descended from this line of Wordens on my mother’s side. I have a couple of living uncles and cousins that are direct male descendants who have done an autosomal DNA test–I don’t know about the y-chromosome tests though. There’s a post in this thread linking to my Grandfather Ward Worden. I have a kit on ancestry and if that will help.

  2. I sent you a email with line I am connected with

    1. My family so far is
      Marshal (son of Nathanial)
      Jabez (son of Marshal)
      John (son of Jabez)
      Della GGM (Augusta) Daughter of John
      Mattie GM (Martha) Daughter of Della and Edward Ryan (M 1873)
      Martha (Mattie) and James Richford (M 1897)
      James (B 1898) No Children
      John (B1911)
      Five children (4 boys and 1 girl)
      John jr

      1. What line is Arnold under? Who was his father and mother?

      2. Arnold is one of the sons of Nathanial Worden b. 1728

      3. Is that Nathanial born in 1728? I will check my tree to see if Marshal is a brother to Arnold.

      4. Nathaniel Worden

        BIRTH 4 FEB 1728 • Stonington, New London, Connecticut, USA
        DEATH 1 DEC 1813 • Stonington, New London, Connecticut, USA

    2. Hello I am just seeing your responses. I have not seen an email.

      1. Follow-up: Did you get my email

  3. Used your email that was posted, drop me a line at

  4. My notes: This is what I received one day.
    Ward S. Worden March 26, 2009 at 05:56:08
    I have information on the children of Marshall Worden 1771/2- after 1850. He was my triple great grandfather. No mention is made of a son George, however. His children were:Nathaniel Worden b. 1796/7 in Pawling NY and died 1871 or after; Jabez Husted Worden b. 1798/9 in Pawling and died 1874, aged 75; Sally Worden b. Pawling; James R. Worden b. Aug. 30 1802and died Dec. 15,1847. James and Jabez Husted are buried in the Parma Union Cem. intown of Parma, county Monroe. A son of Jabez was Barnes Baird Worden, my grandfather.
    This info and further details are from a genealogy done by a cousin of mine in the early 1980,s. He put a lot of work into it, in the days before computers. Of course he may have missed a child.

    Note: Polly and Jabez Worden were found living with John and Margaret Worden according to 1860 US Census. This also included John’s brother Barnes Worden working on farm they had and received from Nathanial, I believe grandfather.

    1. Richard do you come down from Nathanial Worden?

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