I have something to say about “Taking the Knee”

Let’s get this straight for those of you (my friends and family, fellow Americans) who do not understand and have chosen to call “taking the knee” something that is it not. I am a proud and a patriotic American. My family lines have been here since the ship rolled in – yep the ship in 1619, I come from 4 lines of the Mayflower, etc. and much more. I am an American.
I have ancestors who fought and died in every WAR this country has ever been engaged in.  I have 10 ancestors I can account for that served in the Rev War and that’s only on one line. I am an American.  I know and love this country and thankful for being an American.
“Taking the knee” does not mean I or anyone is Anti- American.
So let’s try to just stop saying it is and focusing on what it is truly meant to be.
I am not dissing or disrespecting any allegiance to the flag or my country. I descend from slaves who did not ask to come here and immigrants who wanted to come here, just as you and most of all of America. You know there are injustices in this country that need to stop. The injustices are aired daily, no hourly, you know what they are. It is time to stop changing the channel and pay attention. “Taking the knee” is a way to bring the issue to the forefront and to stop the insanity of the injustices. How much more do you really think this country can bear? We need to agree to stop the injustices for all. 
If you do not get it and still think taking the knee is something else, please do not post a response to this thread. It is not welcomed. I will add you to my prayers. I am sorry to say you and others will “never get it” because you choose not to. You have built the wall around you and only focusing on one thing to attach too and can’t see the real point. This also shows your support to the continual abuses and injustices that happen in this country since 1619. It’s 2017, it’s time to stop. 

2 responses to “I have something to say about “Taking the Knee””

  1. As another longtime American whose family members have served in every American conflict from the French and Indian War to modern day wars, I agree with you. Although I would not personally protest in this way, I do empathize and understand the reasons why others are taking a knee.

    1. Thanks for visiting! If its important no telling what I would do.

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