52Ancestors52Weeks Weird Names

Oh yes there are some interesting names in our ancestry. Typically, the odd ones in my tree are all on my mother’s paternal side. It’s the European’s all the way. My father’s side all seen to be “normal” and familiar. So for this week I will just list some of the first names. But, if I think of it, they are just as weird as some of the 21st century ones of today. Here are some of the strange or let’s say odd male and female names in my family tree. I did not include any of the Dutch names because I do not know if they are odd or not. Enjoy!






Ahira (great grandfather)

Hopestill (7th great grandmother and her last name was Holley and married a Worden)


Joram, Jorum (great great grandfather)



Parley (my great great grandfather)



Weed (oh this is really interesting and he is not from the 1960s, but the 1700s)


Ahasuerus (I believe this man is a Tory-ugrrr a traitor!)




Massena (on Mom’s mother’s side)



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12 responses to “52Ancestors52Weeks Weird Names”

  1. Wowsa! Those really are some interesting names!

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Oh yes, they are interesting…

  2. From your list, I’ve come across in my research a Thankful, Amasa, and Lycurgus.

    1. Eileen, what in the world is Lycurgus…sounded like a disease or a cough!

    2. I have a Thankful as well…what in the word is Lycurgus?

      1. According to Wikipedia:
        Lycurgus or Lykourgos (Greek: Λυκούργος) may refer to: People: Lycurgus of Sparta, creator of constitution of Sparta. Lycurgus of Athens, one of the ten notable orators at Athens, (fourth century BC)

  3. Looks like some of ancestors some of these unusual names I have an Experience, two Thankfuls, two Hopestills, two Orphas, and three Parleys. 🙂

    1. What are your Parley’s surnames?

  4. Okay, what the heck did I just write? I meant to say “Some of my ancestors share these unusual names…” I think it is time to call it a night!

  5. For the Parleys, they are one Stott and two Mayhues. Experience is a Holway. The Thankfuls are a Bunnell and a Spencer. The Hopestills are Alden and Holway. The Orphas are Kerr and Myers.

    1. I do connect to the Alden, Hopestill and Holloway. The surname is Worden too.

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