From the Hendry’s to the Borden’s

Okay, let me back up a bit because I am on a roll. This is on my father’s side, so Murphy’s this is for you. I posted a blog on the Hendry’s. I welcomed William Hendry to the family via my paternal great grandmother Nellie (McCorkle, Murphy) Giles. He, William Hendry,  is my 2nd great grandfather, the slave owner, and you know the rest if you read the blog. It was simple, Nellie’s mother is Rose Henry, her parents are John B Hendry/Henry (son of William Hendry via his slave name Rose) and Ester both born in Virginia about 1810.

So as a good genealogist I had to keep going. I needed to know more about the Hendry’s but checked William’s mother first. William Hendry’s parents are Thomas “George” Hendry (born 1725 in Middlesex, MA and died in 1782 in Frederick, Virginia) and Deborah Borden (born in Monmouth, New Jersey in 1728- and she died in June 1799 in Frederick, Virginia). These are my 5th great grandparents.

Hmmm, now a new surname to add to my list and that got me going. I stayed up two nights till 3am digging the roots. I love my friend “Google” and asked about the Hendry’s and came across Roberta Tuller’s site which got me going on the Borden’s.

My next task was to access and Of course I found tons of trees, documents, and stories on the Borden’s and had to begin a timeline. Also, there are a couple of Facebook groups on the Borden/Burden families that I joined. Using some of the online resources I was able to get back to my 16th great grandfather Henry Borden. Henry was born in 1370 and died in 1469, in Kent England.

For the short version of this post- they came to Monmouth, NJ from Headcorn, Kent, England became landowners and much more and then to Frederick County, Virginia. This is just two hours from where I currently live. I have visited Winchester Virginia several times. I even did a presentation on “African American Genealogy Challenges” at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley  ( located in Winchester. I might of been near their land, hmmm. The Borden’s again had a wealth of land and have left their mark on New Jersey and Virginia. There is more to do and more to question on this quest. If you are interested in reading more on the Borden’s just Google Benjamin Borden Jr and that will get you started. There are some trips scheduled over the next few months. I am also getting myself prepared to handle the emotional research of slavery, just in case they owned slaves. I believe they were Quakers but not sure, but I will find out. I am happy to research this line and will consider using this line to join the Sons and Daughters of the U.S. Middle Passage. (



2 responses to “From the Hendry’s to the Borden’s”

  1. I see you’re getting that research done! 🙂
    I have questions, but I will call you.

    Keep up the good work!


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