International African American Museum-Center for Family History

Wow, did you know about this museum being built in Charleston, South Carolina? It is being built on sacred ground…Gadsden’s Wharf. Why is it sacred ground you ask?? Well according to the website ( it is believed that 40% of the slaves that entered into British American came through this site. Yes! The first thing I want to know is where are the records…This is critical for individuals who are conducting research for African American ancestry. Here is the link to read more about Gadsden’s Wharf:

Here is a review of the museum site:

Within the museum is the Center for Family History! Check out the website to obtain a great idea of what’s going to be there. ( The Center is headed by a familiar and well know researcher Toni Carrier. We know her from the site she developed called LowCountry Africana. Check her site out: You can follow the Center for Family History on Twitter:

There is more to learn about the Center, tune in to this blog:

The Center will host numerous opportunity for the new or the experienced family historians and genealogists. I will be designing some educational programs for the Center! They are partners with the Midwest African American Genealogy Institute (MAAGI). I can’t wait to see what the offering come available when they open in the Fall of 2022. Stay tuned!

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