Timelines for the 2018 Rootstech folks

Thank you for attending. Here is the information I promised linking to the timelines…enjoy and have fun with it. Let me know if you have any questions. RootsTech Timelines are for You.

Timeline for Genealogy Blank Timeline for Genealogy Blank 2017


One response to “Timelines for the 2018 Rootstech folks”

  1. Duane "Rusty" Givens Avatar
    Duane “Rusty” Givens

    Shelly Murphy I really enjoyed your timeline session at Roots Tech. As I told you I started doing a Timeline 10 or 12 years ago for my Givens family from Virginia My boys were and are still there dating back to the 1750’s. First Augusta CO, then Botetourt CO and now Craig CO. You shared your Timeline and I will share what I have been doing. You and anyone else may use any of my ideas, you share I share.

    I will try and place my word doc here as an attachment.

    All the best,
    D.D. Rusty Givens

    /Users/duanegivens/Desktop/Daniel Timeline 1- 2018.doc

    not thinking the above url will open my doc for you

    How can I share this with you and others ?

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